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PrinterShare Premium Key for Android Phones

To unlock Premium Features you need to install PrinterShare Premium Key. You can purchase the key from Google Play or from our site by selecting the Buy Now link below. The key is not a regular application and it's not supposed to be launched. When you have the key installed on your phone, the main and the only PrinterShare applicaiton will automatically switch to Premium Mode.

After installing the Premium Key you will also be able to use Remoter Printing from your phone to anywhere including your printer connected to a computer (Mac / PC) without page limitations on the receiving end.

Before buying the key, please make sure you can print. Install the free version of the application, search for Nearby printers, find and add yours and print test page. If you cannot find your printer or print test page, we recommend you using Remote option with our free computer software installed.

Purchase PrinterShare Premium Key on PayPal for $4.99

After you complete the payment, click "Return to site" to receive a download link to PrinterShare Premium Key application package.

Also the link will be sent to your primary e-mail address registered with PayPal. Follow these instructions to install Premium Key using the email link.

Open a Help Ticket if you have any questions.